Table 2: Adverse effects of systemic immunosuppression.

Frequency (Number of patients)Adverse effect (level)Adverse effect status

2Elevated transaminases and hyperbilirubinemia (8.6, 3.8)Resolved by switching azathioprine to mycophenolate; not completely resolved possibly from alcohol abuse
2Elevated creatinine (1.5, 1.6)Resolved after reducing/discontinuing tacrolimus
3HyperglycemiaTreated with insulin; resolved by increasing oral hypoglycemic medication
2Anemia (Hgb 11.9, 10.9)Resolved with vitamin B12; resolved with multivitamin
1Hypomagnesemia (1.6)Self-resolved
1Worsening hypertensionResolved with increased medication
1Thrombocytopenia (89)Not yet resolved, possibly from alcohol abuse
1AcneResolved after tapering off prednisone and tacrolimus
1Headache, tremorsResolved by decreasing tacrolimus
1HSV keratitisResolved with oral acyclovir
1OsteopeniaDid not resolve