Table 1: Patient’s information.

Patient numberAge at MHSexFovea On/offType of RD repairTime to MH (months)VA at MH diagnosisFinal VAHole closure

No. 156FOffPPV0.27NA0.15Closed
No. 253MOnPPV0.540.090.05Closed
No. 360MNAPPV520.50.7Closed
No. 460MOnPPV650.20.2Closed
No. 516FOff1st, SB
2nd, PPV
3rd, PPV + SB

MH: macular hole, M: male, F: female, NA: not available, RD: retinal detachment, VA: visual acuity, PPV: pars plana vitrectomy, SB: scleral buckling.