Review Article

Anterior Segment Tomography with the Cirrus Optical Coherence Tomography

Table 1

Some properties and differences among Visante, Pentacam, and Cirrus OCT are described in detail. Courtesy of Zeiss.

(I) Visante anterior segment OCT
 (a) Anterior segment
  (i) 6 mm depth by 16 mm width 256 A-Scan per B-Scan
  (ii) 3 mm depth by 10 mm width 512 A-Scan per B-Scan
 (b) Wavelength 1310 nm (infrared, nonvisible light)
(II) Cirrus HD-OCT
 (a) Anterior segment
  (i) Cube: 4 × 4  mm, 512 A-Scan
  (ii) 5-Line Raster: 3 mm, 4096 A-Scans
 (b) Posterior segment
  (i) Cube: 6 × 6  mm, 512 A-Scan
  (ii) 5-Line Raster: 9 mm, 4096 A-Scans
 (c) Wavelength 840 nm
(III) Pentacam
 (a) Rotating Scheimpflug Imaging System
 (b) Wavelength 475 nm, blue LED (Info: Ziemer Galilei wavelength 470 nm)