Journal of Ophthalmology / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Clinical Study

Role of Intravitreal Antivascular Endothelial Growth Factor Injections for Choroidal Neovascularization due to Choroidal Osteoma

Table 4

Literature review of 13 choroidal new vessels associated with choroidal osteomas treated with intravitreal anti-VEGF injections .

AuthorAgeGenderOsteoma location & longest dimension CNV locationInitial
Final visionInitial CFT
Final CFT
Type & number of injectionsFollow-up (month)

Ahmadieh and Vafi [18]19FJuxtafoveal 3DD ODJuxtafoveal6/606/7.5544240One 1.25 mg bevacizumab9 (regression of CNV)

Narayanan and Shah [19]25FPeripapillary OS SubfovealCF 1.5 m6/35NMNMTwo 1.25 mg bevacizumab4 (regression of CNV)

Shields et al. [20]34FSubfoveal 7DD ODSubfoveal6/306/9NMNMOne 1.25 mg bevacizumab & three 0.5 mg ranibizumab6 (fibrotic CNV with flat macula)

Song et al. [21]24MPeripapillary 2.5DDJuxtafovealCF 20 cm6/60NMNMTwo 1.25 mg bevacizumab10; prior to PDT

Song and Roh [22]43FSubfoveal 4DD OSSubfoveal6/606/30NMNMOne 0.5 mg ranibizumab6 (regression of CNV)

Rao and Gentile [23]24MSubfoveal 2DD OSSubfoveal6/186/9NMNMThree 1.25 mg bevacizumab5

Ayachit et al. [24]27FPeripapillary 3DD ODJuxtafoveal6/7.56/6NMNMOne bevacizumab (dose NM)6 (regression of CNV)

Kubota-Taniai et al. [25]12FPeripapillary 3DD OSExtrafoveal6/306/9NMNMTwo 1.25 mg bevacizumab48 (regression of CNV)

Salehipour et al. [26]19FNMNMNMNMNMNMTwo 1.25 mg bevacizumab7

Wu et al. [27]46FSubfoveal OSSubfoveal6/306/12NM116 micron flatteningTwo 1.25 mg bevacizumab23

Wu et al. [27]57FPeripapillary 10DD ODSubfoveal6/2406/9NMNMThree 0.5 mg ranibizumab14 (fibrosis of CNV)

Carle et al. [28]20MMacular ODOccult 6/246/12NMNMSix 1.25 mg bevacizumab13

Erol et al. [29]28FPeripapillary and macular 4DD ODSubfoveal6/1206/24 after first injection and then 6/60 after second injectionNMNMTwo 0.5 mg ranibizumab 2 (Tear of the retinal pigment epithelium after ranibizumab injection)

VEGF = vascular endothelial growth factor; CNV = choroidal neovascularization; CFT = central foveal thickness in microns; DD = disc diameter; NM = not mentioned; OD = right eye; OS = left eye; M = male; F = female; PDT = photodynamic therapy.