Journal of Ophthalmology / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Coping Style and Quality of Life in Elderly Patients with Vision Disturbances

Table 3

Clinical and social-cognitive variables in three groups. Comparison: state anxiety (X-1) and trait anxiety (X-2), hopelessness (HS), loneliness (UCLA LS-R), and self-esteem (SES).

Group/scaleGroup 1Group 2Group 3Significance of differences
MSDMSDMSD(3,234) <

STAI: X-143,1612,7033,9010,2742,4911,3214,66ab0,001
STAI: X-245,458,9836,476,0743,998,9025,61ab0,001

aSignificant difference between groups 1 and 2, < 0,05.
bSignificant difference between groups 2 and 3, < 0,05.