Journal of Ophthalmology / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Systemic Corticosteroids Therapy in the Management of Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy

Table 1

Demographic data of patients.

No./age (y)/sexRefractive status (D)Onset durationTreatmentInitial VAFinal VAInitial/final VF loss (dB)F/U (m)

1/45/F2 wOral pred./
2/35/F4 dOral pred./
3/18/M1 dIV pulse → oral pred./
4/12/F2 mOral pred./
5/30/F4 dOral pred. + myco./
6/41/F1 wOral pred./
7/30/F1 wOral pred./
8/33/F2 mIV pulse → oral pred./
9/50/F1 wIV pulse → oral pred./

No.: patient number; y: year; M: male; F: female; D: diopter; d: day; m: month; oral pred.: oral prednisolone starting with 1 mg per Kg of body weight; IV pulse: intravenous pulse of methylprednisolone; myco.: sodium mycophenolate; VA: Snellen visual acuity; dB: decibel; and F/U: duration of follow-up.