Journal of Ophthalmology / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Variability to Detect Vascular Dysregulation in Glaucoma

Table 4

Analysis methods and amount of significant parameter () for controls versus POAG for each time series.

Time series and used analysis methodAmount of significant parameter controls versus POAG

Heart rate variability
 Time domain0 out of 18
 Frequency domain1 out of 18
 Symbolic Dynamics5 out of 99

Systolic blood pressure
 Time domain1 out of 18
 Frequency domain0 out of 18
 Symbolic Dynamics11 out of 99

Diastolic blood pressure
 Time domain0 out of 18
 Frequency domain0 out of 18
 Symbolic Dynamics1 out of 99

Systolic JSD1 out of 64

Diastolic JSD7 out of 64