Figure 4: Images from a 58-year-old woman with FCE combined with chronic CSC in the right eye (patient 15). The patient presented with a two-year history of chronic CSC, and subsequent branching vascular network was observed in the affected eye. (a) SRF increases in the follow-up duration, and a double-layer sign appears with an undulated RPE profile in the vertical B-scan OCT (green arrowhead). (b) Early-phase simultaneous FA and ICGA show that a hyperfluorescent area in FA (b, right) and a discontinuous branching vascular network in ICGA (b, left) are observed superior to FCE lesion (yellow arrowhead). (c) OCTA at the level of inner choroid demonstrates a distinct and continuous choroidal neovascular network superior to FCE lesion, which is located in the same area as the vascular network in ICGA. The CNV network corresponds to the small undulations within the slight RPE detachment on B-scan OCT. Yellow arrowheads point to FCE lesion in all images. The thin white arrows indicate OCT scan direction.