Journal of Ophthalmology / 2017 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

A Possible Regression Equation for Predicting Visual Outcomes after Surgical Repair of Open Globe Injuries

Table 3

The influences of thirteen independent variables on the final visual outcome using the multiple linear regression analysis.

Independent variableRegression coefficient value

Number of surgeries0.0490.793
Performance of pars plana vitrectomy0.4400.106
Lens status1
 Traumatic cataract (L1)0.1930.401
 Aphakia after initial trauma (L2)1.038<0.001
Affected tissue2
 Scleral (E1)−0.0520.842
 Corneoscleral (E2)0.0000.998
Intravitreal hemorrhage−0.2510.189
Intraocular foreign body−0.0860.707
High intraocular pressure during follow-up−0.4860.108
Anterior segment inflammation during follow-up−0.0480.805
Loss of iris tissue0.769<0.001
Penetrating injury−0.3760.027
Cutting any prolapsed vitreous in the primary surgery−0.6070.012
Time interval between the trauma and repair−0.0080.166

. 1If L1 = 0 and L2 = 0, the independent variable was no lenticular pathology. If L1 = 1 and L2=0, the independent variable was traumatic cataract. If L1 = 0 and L2 = 1, the independent variable was aphakia during primary surgery.
2If E1 = 0 and E2 = 0, the independent variable was corneal perforation. If E1 = 1 and E2 = 0, the independent variable was scleral perforation. If E1 = 0 and E2 = 1, the independent variable was corneoscleral perforation.