Clinical Study

Prospective 3D Investigation of Bleb Wall after Trabeculectomy Using Anterior-Segment OCT

Figure 3

Time-dependent changes in IOP control and bleb parameters. (a) The probability of surgical success (IOP control between 4 and 21 mmHg) based on complete (solid line) and qualified success (dashed line). (b) Time-dependent changes in bleb vascularity score (c, d, e) changes in bleb wall intensity assessed by 3D AS-OCT. Each bleb wall was coded based on optical density: low (c), middle (d), and high (e) intensities. (f) Time-dependent change in the volume ratio of each category was assessed by averaging. (g) Time-dependent change in the high-intensity volume ratio in each eye. ; compared with the value 0.5 months after trabeculectomy.