Journal of Ophthalmology / 2017 / Article / Tab 4

Clinical Study

Clinical Analysis of Ocular Parameters Contributing to Intraoperative Pain during Standard Phacoemulsification

Table 4

Univariate and multivariate analyses of predictors affecting intraoperative pain during phacoemulsification.

β coefficientCI (95%) valueβ coefficientCI (95%) value

Mean age−0.130−0.020 to 0.0020.123
Male sex0.037−0.219 to 0.3450.659
Site of operation0.029−0.234 to 0.3310.735
Log BCVA0.100−0.090 to 0.3590.238
Mean preoperative IOP0.2250.017 to 0.1070.0070.2200.012 to 0.1180.016
Mean AL0.2550.045 to 0.2010.0020.181−0.005 to 0.1790.043
Mean ACD0.2020.083 to 0.7900.0160.2100.052 to 0.8830.028
Mean CCT0.035−0.005 to 0.0040.829
Mean nuclear cataract grading−0.185−0.238 to −0.0140.028−0.123−0.242 to 0.0750.298
Mean endothelial cell count−0.098−0.001 to 0.0000.245
Mean operation time0.086−0.021 to 0.0680.306
Mean ultrasound time−0.133−0.008 to 0.0010.115
Mean CDE−0.083−0.015 to 0.0050.328
Mean volume of BSS−0.132−0.005 to 0.0010.117
Standard surgical parameter (low versus high surgical parameters)−0.130−0.838 to 0.1010.123
Use of intracameral epinephrine0.058−0.196 to 0.4030.497
Use of intracameral carbachol−0.519−1.125 to 0.0870.093
Use of capsular tension ring0.103−0.279 to 0.4860.594

ACD: anterior chamber depth; AL: axial length; BCVA: best-corrected visual acuity; BSS: balanced salt solution; CCT: central corneal thickness; CDE: cumulative dissipated energy; CI: confidence interval; IOP: intraocular pressure.