Research Article

Ocular Emergencies in Children: Demographics, Origin, Symptoms, and Most Frequent Diagnoses

Table 1

Age, sex, and referral source for each reason for consultation.

Reason for consultationMean ageMost frequent sexMost frequent source

Red eye5 y-o (SD 3.83)59% boysFamily or school (90%)
Traumatism7 y-o (SD 3.77)61% boysFamily or school (75%)
Fundoscopy7 y-o (SD 4.74)51% boysPaediatrician (93%)
Eyelids or orbita4 y-o (SD 3.94)59% girlsFamily or school (67%)
Visual loss8 y-o (SD 4.31)52% boysPaediatrician (61.5%)
Acute strabismus5 y-o (SD 3.68)80% girlsPaediatrician (80%)
Leucocoria4 months (0.33 y-o (SD 0.58))67% boys2 from the paediatrician