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Pathological Changes of the Anterior Lens Capsule

Table 1

Pathological changes of the ALC in different diseases.

DiseaseMain changes

CataractLower surface roughness in the anterior side of the ALC and higher surface roughness in their posterior side
Lower Young’s modulus
Ultrastructure morphology changes in intumescent white cataracts
Trypan blue stainingDecrease in elasticity and an increase in stiffness
No difference in CCC strength
AniridiaThinner and more fragile
Degenerative changes (degeneration, necrosis, and loss) and proliferative changes (proliferation and double layer) of the lens epithelium
Climatic droplet keratopathyPlateau or “bag” or herniation-like of the lens capsule
Exfoliation syndromeAbnormal fibrillar extracellular material deposition
Diffuse intracellular and extracelluar edema, transparent vacuoles, apoptotic cells, and destroyed epithelial cells
More affinity to trypan blue
True exfoliation syndromeThickened delaminated structure, perpendicular fibrils, and vesicular degeneration in the ALC
Double delamination and pigment deposition on the detached membrane
Alport syndromeMarked thinning and vertical dehiscence of the ALC
Spontaneous rupture of the ALC
Silicone oil tamponadeSurface irregularities, pits, and depressions in the posterior surface of the ALC
LECs with apoptotic changes and cytoplasmic vacuoles
Increased mechanical resistance of the ALC

ALC: anterior lens capsule; CCC: continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis; LECs: lens epithelium cells.

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