Table 3: The PE experience from the perspective of the women’s partners, family member, or close friends.


Felt scared of losing the partner/relative/friend4976.6%
Felt scared that the partner/relative/friend may lose the baby4570.3%
Felt the need to advocate for the partner/relative/friend and baby3960.9%
Thought that most women have babies at 40 weeks with many problems4468.8%
Never expected the pregnancy to end like this46100.0%
Had never heard of preeclampsia before this4875.0%
Had heard a little about problems in pregnancy5179.7%
Never felt that pregnancy problems would happen to someone they knew4164.1%
Could see this coming because noticed the partner/relative/friend was unwell leading up to this1625.0%
Did not know what to do to help4671.9%
Felt was able to support partner/relative/friend as planned4058.8%