Table 2: Pregnancy outcomes among women with ITP and cITP.

Outcomes All pregnancies among women with ITPITP prior to pregnancyITP during pregnancy

Live birth 34677.65662.929081.2
Spontaneous or elective termination or stillbirth 245.41011.2143.9
Outcome unknown 7617.02325.85314.9
Premature delivery1 388.51011.2287.8
Low birthweight161.411.151.4

OutcomesAll pregnancies among women with cITPcITP prior to pregnancycITP during pregnancy

Live birth 5767.91161.14669.7
Spontaneous or elective termination or stillbirth 1113.1210.2913.6
Outcome unknown 1619.0527.81116.7
Premature delivery189.5211.169.1
Low birthweight111.215.600.0

Premature delivery defined as delivery at less than 37 weeks of gestational age; low birthweight defined as birthweight less than 2500.