Table 4: Comprehensive knowledge of obstetric danger signs among pregnant women in Dale Woreda, Sidama Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia, 2015.

VariablesNumber (%)Forum membersForum non-membersChi-squarep-value
Number (%)Number (%)

Knowledge on key danger signs of pregnancy
No any danger signs345(57.1)116(19.2)229(37.9)88.3<0.001
At least one danger sign235(38.9)171(28.3)64(10.6)79.7<0.001
At least two danger signs89(14.7)77(12.7)12(2.0)55.6<0.001
Three key danger signs17(2.8)17(2.8)017.4<0.001
Knowledge on key danger signs of labor
No any danger signs335(55.5)114(18.9)221(36.6)76.7<0.001
At least one danger sign257(42.5)179(29.6)78(12.9)69.0<0.001
At least two danger signs111(18.4)86(14.2)25(4.2)41.0<0.001
Three key danger signs23(3.8)20(3.3)3(0.5)13.0<0.001
Knowledge on key danger signs of postpartum
No any danger signs361(59.8)128(21.2)233(38.6)75.9<0.001
At least one danger sign213(35.3)157(26.0)56(9.3)73.9<0.001
At least two danger signs81(13.4)69(11.412(2.0)46.3<0.001
Three key danger signs9(1.5)9(1.5)09.10.003
Overall complication readiness156(25.8)125(20.7)31(5.1)76.3<0.001