Research Article

Birth Preparedness among Women Who Gave Birth in the Last Twelve Months in Jardega Jarte District, Western Ethiopia

Table 2

Experiences of respondents who gave birth recently in Jardega Jarte district, Oromia Region, western Ethiopia, from January 1 to February 2, 2016.

VariablesFrequency (N=570) (%)

 Primipara,64 (11.2%)
 Multipara245 (43%)
 Grand Multipara.261(45.6%)
Under-five children during the recent delivery
 Absent263 (46.1%)
Post-delivery age preceding the survey
 < 6 month235(41.2%)
 6-12 months335(58.8%)
Antenatal care visit at least once164 (28)
Place of birth
 Home470 (82.5%)
 Health center64 (11.2%)
 Hospital10 (1.8%)
 Health post26 (4.6%)
History of obstetric complication165 (28.9%)
Types of obstetric complications (n=401)
 Vaginal bleeding74 (18.0%)
 A severe headache88 (21.5%)
 Blurred vision86 (21.0%)
 Swollen hands/face35 (8.5%)
 Loss of consciousness20(4.9%)
 Prolonged labor (>12 hours)66 (16.1%)
 Retained placenta33(8.0%)
 Other complications8(2.0%)
 Total complications410 (100%)