Journal of Pharmaceutics / 2013 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Study on Mixed Solvency Concept in Formulation Development of Aqueous Injection of Poorly Water Soluble Drug

Table 5

Characteristic infrared absorptions of functional groups.

Range cm−1 Functional group
DrugDrug with solubilizers

3019.98, 3000.693019.98, 3000.69Aromatic C–H stretching
1800–24001800–2400Aromatic overtone
1600–16501600–1650Ketonic group
1580–16001580–1600C–C multiple bond str. (aromatic)
1725–17001725–1700Saturated acid (aliphatic)
600600C–S str.
2500–32002500–3200–OH of acid