Figure 1: Antigenic recognition by western blot from sera of naturally infected dogs with L.(i.) chagasi. Lane (−): serum from serumnegative (IFA) dog. Lanes (+): serum from serumpositive (IFA 1/1280) dog. Lane a–d: serum from dog 18, that seroconverted to Leishmania (i.) chagasi (IFA) during follow-up. Lane a: IFA negative, western blot positive (bands 68.5, 32 and 29 kDa); b–d follow-up dog 18: IFA titers 1/1280 from month 2 of the follow-up onwards. Lane e–j: serum sample from dog 30 asymptomatic, IFA positive (1/640), and western blot positive (bands 32 and 29 kDa) at all six sample collections points.