Research Article

Level of CYP4G19 Expression Is Associated with Pyrethroid Resistance in Blattella germanica

Figure 4

(a) Expression of CYP4G19 protein before and after RNAi in tissue of wild strains. (A)–(C) were expression of CYP4G19 protein at the microsome of male German cockroach and (D)-(F) were the microsome of female german cockroach. (A), (D) were expression of CYP4G19 protein before RNAi in wild strain and (B), (E) were expression after RNAi at the fifth day, (C), (F) were negative control. (B) The mean density values CYP4G19 protein were analyzed and counted using IPP software in tissue of wild German cockroach before and after RNAi. Bar 1, before RNAi; Bar 2, after RNAi. Asterisks indicate differences statistically significant at P<.01,n=10 (Student's test).