Journal of Parasitology Research / 2014 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Histochemical Study of the Progenetic Trematode Alloglossidium renale

Figure 3

Histochemical staining of necrotic A. renale within the host. (a) Harris hematoxylin staining reveals an unrecognizable mass of material with ova. Host antennal gland tubule lumina contain lightly stained material (arrow). (b) Alcian blue pH. 2.5 staining reveals a change in the staining pattern compared to healthy trematodes, with no distinct integument. Staining of the host tissue reveals the same results as shown with healthy parasites. (c) Periodic acid-Schiff staining for neutral sugars reveals strongly stained areas of material on the necrotic mass surface along with ova. (d) Ferro-ferricyanide staining for tyrosine-based structures reveals an intensely stained vitellarium (arrow) and lighter staining in other areas of the mass likely due to the breakdown of the vitellarium. (a)–(d) Bars = 100 μm.