Table 1: General characteristics and outcomes of the included studies (n=7).

AuthorStudy designRegionYear of studyType of casesSample sizePrevalence of malaria (%)Study quality

Million G et al.Cross sectionalSouthwest Ethiopia2009Asymptomatic38811.86Good
Nega D et al., 2015cross sectionalSouth Ethiopia2015Asymptomatic3419.1Good
Asmamaw T et al., 2013cross sectionalNorthwest Ethiopia2013Asymptomatic2122.8Good
Sime H et al., 2009cross sectionalCentral Ethiopia2009Symptomatic9244.6Good
Geleta G et al., 2017cross sectionalNorthwest Ethiopia2017Symptomatic76016.3Good
Robert D et al.cross sectionalCentral Ethiopia2003Symptomatic9624Good
Tegegne B et al., 2017cross sectionalNorthwest Ethiopia2017Symptomatic8711.4Good