Research Article

Knowledge and Experiences of Health Professionals in the Peripheral Management of Leishmaniasis in Morocco (ELHajeb)

Table 4

Knowledge and experiences of health professionals in the operationalization of the program’s objectives.

Doctors ()Nurses ()Midwife ()Health technicians ()Percentage

In your knowledge and experience, the main operational objectives of the national leishmaniases control program: (you may enter more than one answer)Screening and therapeutic management of cases381617512185%
Vector control1619574733%
Fighting the reservoir1327465035%
Education and public awareness812232517%
Continuing education for health professionals2130546042%
Intersectoral collaboration311164%
In your experience, do patients adhere to antileishmaniasis treatment?Yes24351167653%
In your opinion, what are the causes of nonadherence to leishmaniasis treatment?Apply traditional treatments1231725236%
Do not accept adverse effects of treatment1322824531%
Do not understand the importance of treatment58712115%
Do not keep treatment appointments47301410%
In your opinion, is the population applying preventive measures?Yes3610107%
In your experience, what are the causes that prevent citizens from applying preventive measures?Ignorance of the risks associated with insects26471169063%
Ignorance of preventive measures2731957250%
Financial considerations33401449164%
Low educational and sociocultural level345418511178%