Research Article

Knowledge and Experiences of Health Professionals in the Peripheral Management of Leishmaniasis in Morocco (ELHajeb)

Table 5

Suggestions from health professionals to improve the fight against leishmaniases in Morocco.


Improved clinical and therapeutic case management
(i) Continuous training of health professionals, especially in areas affected by leishmaniasis4129%
(ii) Introduction of the use of rapid tests for early diagnosis of VL and appropriate management2014%
(iii) Patient adherence to treatment2316%
(i) Promotion of health awareness and education of citizens through the media and new means of communication and social networks5740%
(ii) Vaccination of dogs and spraying of their habitat2820%
(iii) Reinforcement of vector and reservoir control1813%
(iv) Use of mosquito nets96%
(v) Improving waste management3625%
(vi) Wearing long clothes118%
(i) Collaboration between different sectors, cooperation with NGOs and associations, involvement and empowerment of the population2316%
(ii) Affection of dermatologists and hygiene technicians53%
(iii) Implementation of a new control program and strategy1510%
(iv) Monitoring and evaluation32%