Table 8: Parameters of the adopted industrial manipulator.

ParameterSymbolUnitsLink 𝑖 ( 𝑖 = 1 , 2 )Link 3

Length 𝐿 𝑖 m1.51.5
Width of section 𝑖 cm1515
Height of section 𝑏 𝑖 cm2020
Wall thickness 𝑡 𝑖 cm11
Young’s modulus 𝐸 𝑖 GPa7070
Mass density 𝜌 𝑖 kg/m327002700
Poisson’s ratio 𝜈 𝑖 none0.340.34
Tip load mass 𝑀 𝑖 kg1035
Tip load inertia 𝐽 𝑖 kg m20.30.5