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S. Sankhar Reddy Chennareddy, Anita Agrawal, Anupama Karuppiah, "Corrigendum to “Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robotic Systems: A Survey on Hardware Architectures”", Journal of Robotics, vol. 2017, Article ID 7139382, 4 pages, 2017.

Corrigendum to “Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robotic Systems: A Survey on Hardware Architectures”

Received03 Jul 2017
Accepted26 Jul 2017
Published21 Aug 2017

In the article titled “Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robotic Systems: A Survey on Hardware Architectures” [1], the data presented in Table might have been confusing. Therefore, the table is reformatted as follows.

CategoryRobotShapeDOFCouplingNumber of Conn. facesRef.
Struct.Reconf.Form ftr.Locom.InterfaceActuatorActiv/MPassv./F

LatticeDetrmn.MiniCoord.Microunit ISquare2DLatch SMA2F2M15
LatticeDetrmn.MiniCoord.Microunit IICubical3DLatch SMA3F3M16

LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.Metamorphic IHexagon2DLockDC motor 3M 3F6–8
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.Metamorphic IISquare2D LockDC motor 2M 2F7
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.FractaTriangular 2DElect. mag. Current 3M 3F9
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.VerticalCubical2D Key & lock 0417
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.3D unit Cubical 3D HooksDC motor 6011, 12
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.Molecule Cuboid 3D Elect. mag.Current0610, 102
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.Crystalline Cuboid 2DKey & lock DC motor 2M2F18
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.I-cubes Cubical 3DKey & lock Servo motor 2M6F13, 14
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.TelecubesCubical 3D Swtc. mgnts. SMA 6 Dl. faces19
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord.ATRON Octagonal3D HooksDC motor4M4F30, 31
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord. EM-cube Cubical2D Elect. mag. Current 2220
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord. M-blocks 2DCubical 2D Perm. mag. 0621
LatticeDetrmn.MacroCoord. M-blocks 3D Cubical 3D Perm. mag. 0622

LatticeDetrmn.MacroMobile PetroTetrahedral 3D LatchManual 0432

LatticeStocst.MiniExtern. PebblesCubical 2D El-pm. mag. Current 4024
LatticeStocst.MiniExtern. Miche Cubical 3D Rot. pr. mg. motor 3 323

LatticeStocst.MacroExtern. Stochastic 2D Cubical2DElect. mag. Current 4025
LatticeStocst.MacroExtern. Stochastic 3DCubical 3DElect. mag. Current 6026
LatticeStocst.MacroExtern. Prog. parts Triangular 2D Perm. mag. DC motor 3027
LatticeStocst.MacroExtern. X-botCubical 2D Perm. mag. SMA 4028, 29

ChainDetrmn.MacroMobileCEBOT ICuboid3DLatch SMA 1M 1F33
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobileCEBOT IICuboid3DLatch DC motor 1M1F34
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobile ACM-R1Rectangle2DLatch Manual 0235
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobile ACM-R2Rectangle3DLatch Manual 0236
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobile ACM-R3Rectangle3DLatch Manual 0237
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobileMillibotElliptical2DLatchSMA 1M1F38
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobile UNI-RoverCylind. arm3DLatchServo motor11103
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobileAmoeba - ICuboid3D Latch Manual 0239, 40
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobile JL-1Trapezoid3DLatchDC motor1M1F41
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobile JL-2Trapezoid3DGripperDC motor 1M 1F42
ChainDetrmn.MacroMobileThorCuboid. arm3DGripperDC motor 1 043

ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.PolypodCubical3DLatch Manual 0644
ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.CONROCuboid3DLatchSMA1M 3F45–48
ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.Polybot ICubical3DLatchManual1M 1F50
ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.Polybot IICubical3DLatchSMA1M 1F51
ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.Polybot IIICubical3DLatchSMA1M 1F51
ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.YamorSemicylnd.3DVelcrosManual 0454
ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.GZ-1Cubic3DLatchManual 0453
ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.TransmoteCubic3DKey & lockManual1M2F52
ChainDetrmn.MacroCoord.ModREDCuboid3DLatchSolenoid 2 Dl. faces49

HybridDetrmn.MacroMobile S-BOTCylindrical3DGrippermotor 1 155–59
HybridDetrmn.MacroMobileM3 L shaped 3D Hooks DC motor 3 DL. conn.63
HybridDetrmn.MacroMobileM3 express L shaped 3D Latch SMA, servo 3 DL. conn.64
HybridDetrmn.MacroMobile iMobotCuboidal 3DLatchManual 0665
HybridDetrmn.MacroMobileSMORESCubical3DPerm. magDC motor3167
HybridDetrmn.MacroMobile TrimobotHexagonal 3D HooksDC motors 1M 6F68

HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord. M-Tran ISemicylnd.3DPerm. magSMA6269, 105
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord. M-Tran IISemicylnd.3DPerm. magSMA 6271, 72
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord. M-Tran IIISemicylnd.3DHooksDC motor 6273
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord.SuperbotCuboid3DLatchManual 0674, 75
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord. Molecubes Cubical 3D Elect. mag. Current 6077
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord.CKBotCubical3DPerm. magnetsManual0476
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord. UBotCubical3DHooksDC motor2278–80
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord. RoombotsCuboidal3DLatchManual0–100–1081
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord. NeurobotCubical3DLatchDC motor1M1F5
HybridDetrmn.MacroCoord. SoldercubesCubical 3DBinder mat. Current 6083, 84

TrussDetrmn.MacroCoord.TetrobotCylindrical3DSpherical jnt.Manual 2M3F85, 86
TrussDetrmn.MacroCoord.ORTHO-BOTLinact3DSplit toroidManual0287
TrussDetrmn.MacroCoord.Odin Cylindrical 3D CCP jnt. Manual 2M 12F88
TrussDetrmn.MacroCoord.MorphoCubical3DCubic jnt. Manual 1 689
TrussDetrmn.MacroCoord.Shape shift.Amorphous3D 3-way pipe Manual2M 3F91
TrussDetrmn.MacroCoord. HingeCylindrical3D 18-axis node Manual 2M 18F90
TrussDetrmn.MacroCoord.Factory Flr.Cylindrical3DGrippersCouples6M2F92

Free Fr.Detrmn.MicroCoord.MEMSL shaped2DAlignmentVoltage100, 101

Free Fr.Detrmn.MiniCoord.ClaytronicsCylindrical2DElectr. mag.Current24094–96
Free Fr.Detrmn.MiniCoord.CatomCylindrical2DElectrodesVoltage8099

Free Fr.Detrmn.MacroCoord.SlimebotCylindrical2DVelcrosPnu. air cyld.0697, 98
Free Fr.Detrmn.MacroCoord.Transform.Cylindrical2DPerm. mag. 6293


  1. S. S. R. Chennareddy, A. Agrawal, and A. Karuppiah, “Modular self-reconfigurable robotic systems: a survey on hardware architectures,” Journal of Robotics, vol. 2017, Article ID 5013532, 19 pages, 2017. View at: Publisher Site | Google Scholar

Copyright © 2017 S. Sankhar Reddy Chennareddy et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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