Table 7: Considered ratings and material constants.

Symbol Value Comment

Rated/desired values of drag power kite plant
5 MW Considered plant
12 m/s Considered plant
90% Estimated
20° Considered plant
500 m Considered plant
8 kV Considered plant
98% Considered plant

Material properties of core (Dyneema)
3,090 MPavalue for Dyneema
990 kg/m3value for Dyneema

Material properties of wire and shield (aluminum)
2,700 kg/m3value for aluminum
 S/mvalue for aluminum

Material properties of insulator (PTFE)
2,200 kg/m3value for PTFE
60 MV/mvalue for PTFE

Material properties of jackets (PE)
1,000 kg/m3value for PE

Width of shields and jackets
0.1 mm Estimated requirement
0.5 mm Estimated requirement
1.0 mm Estimated requirement

Safety factors
3 Estimated requirement
3 Estimated requirement

Correction factors
1.1 Estimated
3 Estimated requirement
1 Core defines
1.1 Estimated