Table 3: Available LAI products with global coverage.

SensorCoverageProject/productSpatial resolutionTemporal resolutionTemporal availability

AVHRRGlobal ISLSCP1° (×km)Monthly1987-1988
and NOAA-11
AVHRRGlobalBoston University0.5° (×km)Monthly07/1981 to 05/2001
AVHRRGlobalBoston University16 kmMonthly07/1981 to 05/2001
AVHRRGlobalEcoclimap1 kmMonthly1992 to 1993
VEGETATIONGlobalCyclopes1 km10 days1999 to 2003
VEGETATIONGlobalGeoland0.5°10 days2002 to 2003
VEGETATIONGlobalGlobcarbon1 km/10 km/0.25°/0.5°10 days1998 to 2007
POLDERGlobalPolder-16 km10 days1996 to 1997
POLDERGlobalPolder-26 km10 days2003
MODISGlobalMOD15A21 kmDaily and 8 days2000 until present
MODISGlobalMOD15A31 km4 daysJuly 2002 until present
TERRA/AQUA combined

NASA: national aeronautics and space administration.
AVHRR: advanced very high resolution radiometer.
ISLSCP: international land surface climatology project.
MODIS: moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer.
POLDER: polarization and directionality of the earth’s reflectance.
VEGETATION: vegetation sensor aboard spot4 and spot5 satellites.