Table 1: Comparison of routing protocols for WMSNs.

ProtocolArchitectureData deliver model Location awareness Hole bypassingMethodology Congestion control Classification service Energy efficiency QoS parameters are considered
FlatHierarchicalQuery drivenEvent drivenStream queryMultipathMultichannelGeographicOther

Yao et al. [15]Metadata + advanced DijxtraDelay
Guannan et al. [16]Reliability
Mande and Yuanyan [17]Amazing algorithmReliability
Hamid et al. [18]Delay-bandwidth
MCRA [20]FloodingReliability
Poojary and Pai [21]Reliability
Li et al. [22]Based on direct diffusionDelay
Kai and Min [23] Energy prediction mechanismReliability
LEAR [25]Based on AODVReliability
MLAF [26] Based on LAFReliability-delay
ASAR [7]ACODelay, packet loss ratio-bandwidth
Rahman et al. [8]ACODelay-jitter
ALCOLBR [9]ACOReliability
Ke et al. [10]ACO and game theoryDelay-bandwidth
TPGF [12]Delay-reliability
GEAMS [13]Based on GPSRDelay-reliability