Journal of Sensors / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Novel Aerial 3D Mapping System Based on UAV Platforms and 2D Laser Scanners

Table 2

3D dimensions of buildings in Figure 5; comparison between the point cloud acquired with FARO Focu and the Aerial 3D Mapping System proposed. Differences over 5% are highlighted in bold.

BuildingSystemHeight (%)Length (%)Width (%)

1FARO5.30 m3.60%9.00 m1.10%6.80 m5.90%
Aerial 3D5.11 m8.90 m6.45 m

2FARO4.72 m1.48%21.21 m3.06%9.62 m3.11%
Aerial 3D4.72 m21.86 m9.32 m