Journal of Sensors / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Yonjung High-Speed Railway Bridge Assessment Using Output-Only Structural Health Monitoring Measurements under Train Speed Changing

Table 1

Maximum acceleration and deflection measurements.

Train speed
DirectionPSC girderSteel girder
Peak Acc. (g)Def. (mm)
Peak Acc. (g)Def. (mm)

KTX-165Iksan to Jungeup0.6800.6221.010.3420.2832.663.19
KTX-169Iksan to Jungeup0.5620.5601.000.2790.2482.533.04
HEMU-376Jungeup to Iksan0.2570.1641.060.1930.1341.842.21
HEMU-399Jungeup to Iksan0.3200.2230.900.2110.1261.682.02
HEMU-403Jungeup to Iksan0.3430.2600.900.2090.0911.672.00