Research Article

Colorimetric Analysis Using Scene-Adaptive Color Conversion Matrix of Calibrated CIS

Table 3

Comparisons between multi- and adaptive- in terms of processing steps and results.

Multi- based on illuminant estimationAdaptive- based on color conversion estimation

Processing steps() Set the CIS : AWB off, manual RGB gain (1 : 1 : 1), gamma correction off.
() Characterizing a CIS for 3 standard illuminants (A, D50, D65).
() Illuminant estimation (white point).
() Selecting the transfer matrix.
() Reading ALC registers.
() Color estimation.
() Characterizing CIS for only a standard illuminant (D50).
() Capturing with AWB on.
() Capturing in preset mode (D50).
() Calculation of color conversion matrix.
() Color estimation.
 Color samples0.01420.0133
 Illuminants (white samples)0.01580.0056