Table 2: Summary of stereo vision disparity map algorithms implemented on different computational platforms.

YearAuthorMethodTaxonomy stageAlgorithmComputational platform
Step Step Step Step

2004Park et al. [69]Local + globalEdge basedFWMRF basedBox filteringSegmentation based

2006Wang et al. [22]LocalADMWWTAMedian filterMultiple cost aggregationCPU Intel P4 and GPU ATI 800

2006Yoon and Kweon [102]LocalTADASWWTALeft-right consistency check Adaptive support weight

2007Cigla et al. [70]LocalEdge basedArbitrary shaped based AWWTAAngle sweepMultiview region-based

2008Hirschmüller [71] GlobalSemiglobal matching pixel based DPLeft-right consistency check + median filteringSemiglobal matchingCPU Opteron 2.2 GHz

2009Yang et al. [63]GlobalColor weighted correlationBPLeft-right consistency check Hierarchical loopy belief propagation

2009Salmen et al. [16] GlobalSADDPLeft-right consistency check Optimized dynamic programmingCPU with 1.8 GHz

2010Mattoccia et al. [13]LocalTADJoint bilateral filtering based ASWWTALeft-right consistency check Joint bilateral stereoCPU Intel Core Duo 2.14 GHz

2010Nalpantidis and Gasteratos [59, 83]LocalADASWWTALCDM

2010Kalarot and Morris [87]GlobalPixel basedDPSymmetric dynamic programmingCPU Intel Quad Core 2.3 GHz and GPU GeForce GTX280, FPGA Altera Stratix III

2011Lee and Sharma [33]LocalSAD + RTMultiresolution based MWWTARank transform + multiresolutionPersonal Computer and GPU (detail n/a)

2011Mei et al. [45]LocalAD + CTCross based AWWTACross-checkingAD census + dynamic crossCPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20 GHz and GPU GeForce GTX480

2011Min et al. [23]LocalTADJoint histogram- MW based aggregation WTABox filteringHistogram-based aggregationCPU (detail n/a)

2011Pérez and Sánchez [17]GlobalPixel basedBPLeft-right consistency check Memory-efficient belief propagation

2011Sharma et al. [28]LocalFeature based WTASIFTAutonomous vehicle navigation

2011Psota et al. [78]LocalSADASWWTAMedian filterIterative refinement adaptive support weight

2011Tippetts et al. [32]LocalGaussian filter + profile shape MWWTAMedian filterProfile shape matchingCPU AMD Phenom II 2.8 GHz

2011Banno and Ikeuchi [68]GlobalPixel basedBPDirected anisotropic diffusion3D directed anisotropic diffusion

2011Zhao and Taubin [103]LocalSADMultiresolution based AWWTACross-checkingMultiresolution adaptive windowsCPU (detail n/a) and GPU GeForce GTX280

2011Nalpantidis et al. [20]LocalADGaussian weighted + cellular automataWTAEfficient hierarchicalStratix II GX FPGA

2012Arranz et al. [14]GlobalPixel basedMRF based optimizationMultiresolution energy minimizationCPU Intel i7 3.4 GHz with 7 GB RAM

2012Xiang et al. [9]GlobalColor weighted pixel basedHierarchical belief propagationUniqueness constraint + similarity constraintHierarchical belief propagationCPU Intel 2.7 GHz and GPU Geforce GTX260

2012Yang [79]LocalEdge basedMinimum spanning treeWTAGuided filterMinimum spanning tree basedCPU Intel i7 1.8 GHz with 4 GB RAM

2013Chen and Lai [73]GlobalPixel basedGCParallel GCCPU Intel i7 (detail n/a)

2013Chen and Su [54]LocalArea basedShape adaptive low complexity based AWWTACross-checkingShape adaptive low complexityCPU Intel i5 2.6 GHz

2013Wang et al. [18]GlobalPixel basedGCHierarchical bilateral disparity structure (HBDS) CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz with 2 GB RAM

2014Cheng et al. [40]Local + globalZNCCMatch-edge based MWWTAGlobal edge constraintGlobal edge constraint n/a

2013Choi and Park [96]GlobalSADGCTruncated linear functionEfficient GPU-based GCCPU (detail n/a) and GPU GeForce GTX580

2013Wang et al. [62]GlobalTADGCMedian filtering + interpolation and depth discontinuity adjustmentReliable points based GCCPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz with 2 GB RAM

2013Michael et al. [66] Local + globalADWTALeft-right consistency check Real time semiglobalCPU Intel Xeon and GPU GeForce GTX480

2013Cigla and Alatan [46]LocalSAD + CTSuccessive weighted summation based ASWWTAPermeability based filteringSeparable successive weighted summationCPU Intel i7 3 GHz with 6 GB RAM, and GPU GeForce GTX480

2013Gupta and Cho [34]LocalSADMWWTALeft-right consistency check Double window basedCPU (detail n/a)

2013Hosni et al. [58]LocalTAD (color + gradient)ASWWTAWeighted bilateral median filteringASW + patch match stereoCPU Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHZ and GPU GeForce GTX480

2013Zhang et al. [57]LocalTAD (color + gradient)ASWWTAReal time GPUCPU Intel i7 and GPU GeForce GT540M

2013Kowalczuk et al. [104]LocalSADIterative ASW + temporal ASWWTAMedian filteringIterative refinement ASWCPU AMD Phenom II X6 3.0 GHz and GPU GeForce GTX580

2013Lee et al. [60]LocalThree-mode cross CTASWWTALeft-right consistency check ASW + three-mode cross census

2013Lin et al. [105]LocalTAD (color + gradient)Hierarchical cluster based ASWWTALeft-right consistency check Hierarchical clustering algorithmCPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.99 GHz and GPU GeForce 9500GT

2013Zhang et al. [47]LocalSAD + ALDCross based AWWTALeft-right consistency checkSAD + arm-length differences (ALD) CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00 GHz and GPU GeForce GTX570

2013Pham and Jeon [24]LocalTADMWWTAWeighted median filteringDomain transformationCPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 2 GHz and GPU GeForce GTX460

2014Vijayanagar et al. [65]LocalSegment basedMWWTAMulti resolution anisotropic diffusionMultiresolution anisotropic diffusionCPU running at 3.2 GHz with 8 GB RAM and GPU AMD FirePro V4900

2013Xu et al. [15, 80]LocalTADASWWTAAdaptive weight selection

2014Wang et al. [75]GlobalPixel basedMRF based optimizationJoint bilateral filteringMRF based optimizationCPU running at 3 GHz with 3 GB RAM

2013Mattoccia [99]LocalSegment basedASWWTAGuided filterMultiple algorithms (FW, ASW)FPGA Xilinx Spartan 6

2013Zhang et al. [6]GlobalBT + ADBPColor image depth matting + 2D polynomial regressionMultiscale BPCPU Intel i7 with 4 GB RAM and GPU GeForce GTX295

2013Fowers et al. [91]LocalSADMWWTASADCPU Intel Quad Core 3.00 GHz and GPU GeForce GTX295, FPGA Altera Stratix III E260

2013Wang et al. [94]LocalAD + CTAWWTAReal time HQ-FPGAFPGA Altera Stratix IV

2013Ma et al. [44, 67]LocalTADASWWTAWeighted median filtering + left-right consistency check Constant time weighted median filteringCPU Intel Xeon 2.83 GHz and GPU GeForce GTX580

2014Miron et al. [26]LocalCTCross based AWWTAAnisotropic local polynomial approximationCross-comparison census

2014Yang et al. [49]LocalTADAWWTAAdaptive guided filterFast adaptive guided filterCPU Intel Core Duo 3.16 GHz with 2 GB RAM and GPU Nvidia Tesla C2050

2014Colodro-Conde et al. [100]LocalSAD + CTMWWTAMedian filteringSAD + CTXilinx FPGA

2014Jin and Maruyama [92]LocalCEN + ADAWWTACA + FLCXilinx

2004Park et al. [69]Local + globalEdge basedFWMRF basedBox filteringSegmentation based

2014Mota et al. [95]GlobalSymmetryMRF basedSymStereoCPU Intel i7 3 GHz and Geforce GTX 680

2014Tippetts et al. [106]LocalEdgeMWWTAVertical filteringProfile shape matchingXilinx
Virtex 4 FX60

2014Xu et al. [89]LocalPixel basedFWWTAPyramidal AMD Opteron processor 6366HE, Intel Xeon processor E5-2620, Nvidia GeForce GTX 770

2014Werner et al. [84]LocalNCCWTACross bilateral filterReal time full HD FPGA

2015Ekstrand et al. [31]LocalSegmentationMWWTAMedian filterReal time segmentationXilinx FPGA-Spartan 3A-1800A

2015Matsuo et al. [82]LocalAD + edgeFWWTAWeighted joint bilateral filterIn-Loop Feedback Matching

2015Yao et al. [97]GlobalFeature-basedMRFReal time adaptive meshingCPU Xeon and Nvidia Tesla K2

2015Ploumpis et al. [76]GlobalFeature + particle filterMRF basedHistogram + segmentationParticle filter + scattered control landmarksCPU Intel Core 2 Duo

2015Chen et al. [56]LocalMedian filter + ADASWWTATrilateralCPU Intel i7 3 GHz with 8 G RAM