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Review Article

Monitoring and Control Systems in Agriculture Using Intelligent Sensor Techniques: A Review of the Aeroponic System

Table 1

Basic monitoring and control parameters in the aeroponic system [23, 8083].

No.ParametersCommon valueInstruments

1Nutrient atomizationMist/spray/aerosol/droplet size at high pressure from 10 to 100, low pressure from 5 to 50, and ultrasonic foggers from 5 to 25 microns, respectivelyAtomization nozzle (high and low pressure, atomization foggers)
2Growing mediumPlant holderAny artificial root supporting structure
3Desirable pH of the nutrient solutionThe pH value depends on the cultivar (onion 6.0–7.0, cucumber 5.8–6.0, carrot 5.8–6.4, spinach 5.5–6.6, lettuce 5.5–6.5, tomato 5.5–6.5, and potato 5.0–6.0)pH measuring device
4Desirable EC of the nutrient solutionThe EC value depends on the cultivar (onion 1.4–1.8, cucumber 1.7–2.2, carrot 1.6–2.0, spinach 1.8–2.3, lettuce 0.8–1.2, tomato 2.0–5.0, and potato 2.0–2.5 ds·m−1)EC measuring device
5HumidityProvide 100% available moistureHumidity measuring device
6TemperatureOptimum 15°C–25°C and should not increase to 30°C and less than 4°CTemperature measuring device
7The light inside the boxThe light inside the growth box must be dark enoughCover the growth chamber with locally available material
8Atomization timeDepends on the cultivar growth stageManually operating the system with timer
9Atomization interval timeDepends on the cultivar growth stageManually operating the system with timer

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