Journal of Sensors / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Facile Preparation of g-C3N4-WO3 Composite Gas Sensing Materials with Enhanced Gas Sensing Selectivity to Acetone

Table 1

Comparison of acetone gas sensing properties with different acetone gas sensors.

MaterialOperating temperature (°C)Detection limit (ppm)Response (a/g) (concentration)SelectivityStability (days)Reference

Au/ZnO365202923 (100 ppm)1.890[23]
MgFe2-xCexO47001001.91 (2000 ppm)1.2-[24]
Co3O4 NWS-HCSs150123 (200 ppm)4.6-[25]
PrFeO318010141 (200 ppm)2.875[26]
Pt-Fe2O31390.225.7 (100 ppm)2.915[27]
Rh- doped SnO2200160.6 (50 ppm)8.6-[28]
ZnFe2O42601052.8 (100 ppm)3.230[29]
g-C3N4-WO33100.558.2 (1000 ppm)3.730This work

“-” means no data available in the literature.