Table 1: Averaged CMM age-adjusted incidences among whites per 100,000 people (world population) in each country of the northern and southern hemispheres (plotted in Figure 1); data is from [311] except 1940 [1], 1945, and 1955 [2] for the USA.


30°S Australia16.3317.8921.4325.9032.2032.13
40°S New Zealand6.107.659.5515.5518.5020.8027.4031.7033.10
40°N USA1.001.482.242.673.734.567.239.9510.8512.7514.6717.74
49°N Middle Europe1.501.481.552.012.022.472.863.123.78
52°N Canada2.002.122.643.184.735.977.087.959.74
60°N Northern Europe1.802.