Figure 5: Immunohistochemistry (IHC) H3K79me3T80ph detects a subset of primary cutaneous melanomas with metastatic potential. Positive H3K79me3T80ph cells (arrows) in: (a) metastatic melanoma of the skin (magnification: ×100) and (b) primary cutaneous invasive melanoma (magnification: ×200) (c) Melanocytic nevi with absence of H3K79me3T80ph labeling (magnification: ×100). (d) and (e) Representative H3K79me3T80ph staining of melanoma tissue microarray (d): mitotically active cells, (e): melanoma cells with speckled nuclear staining pattern (Magnification: ×400). (f) and (g) Box graph analysis of the number of H3K79me3T80ph positive cells per high powered field (h.p.f.) within the melanocytic neoplasms contained in the tissue microarray. (f) Melanoma from all categories demonstrates greater number H3K79me3T80ph positive cells compared to benign nevi ( ). (g) Significant labelling of H3K79me3T80ph positive cells in primary cutaneous melanomas with known metastasis compared to primary melanomas without metastasis ( ).