Research Article

Extended UVB Exposures Alter Tumorigenesis and Treatment Efficacy in a Murine Model of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Figure 2

Efficacy of diclofenac on tumor number, burden, and p53 status in male and female mice. (a) Male and female diclofenac treated mice developed significantly more tumors in the 25- compared to the 10-week model ( ). (b) Male ( ) and female ( ) diclofenac-treated mice in the 25-week UVB model developed significantly larger tumor burden compared to mice in the 10-week model. (c) Male and female mice treated with diclofenac in the 25-week exposure model did not exhibit significantly altered epidermal p53-positive area compared to the 10-week exposure model. (d) Female mice treated with diclofenac exhibited increased epidermal mutant p53-positive area ( ) in the 25- compared to the 10-week model. Error bars = mean+/−SEM.