Research Article

Extended UVB Exposures Alter Tumorigenesis and Treatment Efficacy in a Murine Model of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Table 1

Average percentage of malignant tumors per treatment group after 10 and 25 weeks of UVB exposure in male and female mice.

10-week UVB25-week UVBP value (25 weeks Tx versus Veh)P value (10 weeks versus 25 weeks)

MaleUVB/vehicle19.337.7 0.0467*
UVB/vitamin E8.234.10.62510.0028*

UVB/vitamin E2.940.50.28160.0087*

*: The comparison of the percentage of malignant tumors in male mice treated with vehicle in the 25 weeks compared to the 10 weeks of UVB exposure model. For clarity, all of the values in the final column of Table 1 refer to 25 versus 10 weeks of tumor malignancy within a treatment group and gender.