Research Article

A Clinicopathological and Immunohistochemical Correlation in Cutaneous Metastases from Internal Malignancies: A Five-Year Study

Table 1

Table depicting the summary of the study.

Sample number Age (years)SexPrimary internal malignancySite of cutaneous metastasisClinical presentationDuration of appearance of cutaneous metastasis

Case number 165 yearsFemaleCarcinoma cervixLeft thighNodules 3 years
Case number 272 yearsMaleRenal cell carcinomaAbdomenNodules5 years
Case number 370 yearsMaleNon-Hodgkin lymphomaAbdomenPlaque1 year
Case number 455 yearsFemaleCarcinoma breastChestPlaque2 years
Case number 550 yearsFemaleCarcinoma breastChest Ulcers3 years
Case number 630 yearsMaleNon-Hodgkin lymphomaScalp, face, trunkPlaques10-11 months
Case number 760 yearsFemaleCarcinoma breastScalp, face, trunkNodules3 years
Case number 872 yearsMaleRenal cell carcinomaAbdomenPlaque3 years
Case number 966 yearsFemaleCarcinoma breastChest, abdomenNodules2.5 years