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Volume 16, Issue 3-4, Pages 379-385

Physical aspects of the interaction of pyrimidine and purine bases with proteins

A. Sulkowska

Department of Physical Pharmacy, Medical University of Silesia, Jagiellońska 4, 41‒200 Sosnowiec, Poland

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The study of complexation of purine and pyrimidine derivatives with two kind of serum albumin using 1H NMR and spectrofluorescence technique are performed in order to obtain model interactions nucleic acid bases–protein.

The order of binding strength is as follows: 5mC > 5mU(T) > 3mU > U for pyrimidines and N6mAde > N6Ado > 1mAde > ATP > Ado > Ade for adenine derivatives.

The effect of temperature on the hydrophobic interaction between the nitrogen bases and protein has been studied. The destabilization of protein structure causes loss of tertiary structural contacts, indicating that protein conformation is crucial for binding.