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Raman and Infrared Investigations of Biological Structures under Stress Conditions

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Spectroscopic techniques are powerful tools for the experimental investigation of organic systems of biophysical interest such as biopolymers, proteins, cells, organs, and tissues under external stresses, with these techniques being able to highlight, for instance, the effects of changes in temperature, pressure, oxidation, acidification, denaturation, and polarization.

Furthermore, different spectroscopic techniques are able to couple with different system properties, to explore different spatial scales, to probe different system relaxation times, to highlight specific systems contributions thanks to chemical labeling, and to follow the system kinetics, often guarantying great accuracy in measurements. Therefore, in many cases, the joint employment of different spectroscopic techniques can furnish a deep understanding of complex physical, chemical mechanisms of interesting organic systems.

For these reasons, spectroscopic techniques are nowadays widely employed in biomedicine for detecting changes of molecular compositions and structures in organic tissues and for the diagnosis and the monitoring of various diseases.

In this framework the aim of the proposed thematic issue is to provide a forum for researchers in order to highlight the new approaches in the applications of spectroscopy for the comprehension of unexplored behavioral mechanisms in organic matter.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Characterization of the structural and dynamical properties of biological structures under external stresses by vibrational spectroscopy
  • Behavior of biological structures under different environmental perturbations monitored by Raman and IR spectroscopy
  • Modeling of the spectroscopic response of biological structures to physical and chemical stresses
  • Comparison and monitoring of biological functionality of biostructures under different conditions by Raman and IR techniques
  • Role of bioprotectant molecules in the functional behavior of biological structures under different stress conditions
  • IR response of sick organs to pharmacological or physical treatments

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Publication DateJanuary 2019

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