Figure 5: Comparison of the nucleotide (a) and amino acid (b) sequences of the three trout SOCS2 paralogues. (a) The ORFs of trout SOCS2a and 2b as well as a putative ancestral ORF of SOCS2bRel were aligned by ClustalW2 and box shaded. The start codons in SOCS2a and 2b are indicated by and in SOCS2bRel by grey triangles. The stop codons are indicated by . (b) The three trout SOCS-2 paralogues were aligned using the ClustalW2 program and box shaded. Dashes (–) indicate gaps in the alignment. Note that the translation after the stop codon (indicated by X) that may represent the ancestral SOCS2bRel was also used in the alignment. The putative KIR, ESS region, SH2 domain, and SOCS box domains are indicated above the alignment.