Figure 1: Steady-state expression of L-type CaV1.2 channels in the superior region of rat hippocampus. (a) Representative Western blot analysis of proteins extracted from the superior region of hippocampi obtained from postnatal day 1 through 72 rats. Santa Cruz polyclonal anti-L-type Ca2+ CP α1C (N-17)-R antibodies labeled a high molecular weight band of ~240 kDa and a low molecular weight band of ~170 kDa (top panel). Antibodies against β-actin were used as loading controls for each lane and labeled a band of ~45 kDa (bottom panel). (b) L-type CaV1.2 channel steady-state expression was determined using the integrated optical density (IOD) of each band, which was divided by the IOD of the band labeled with β-actin antibodies to account for variations in loading. The ratio of IOD/actin for each preparation was further normalized by dividing by the highest ratio from the same film. The triangles (▴) represent the high molecular weight band and the circles () represent the low molecular weight band. Data represent mean ± sem ( 𝑁 = 3 or 4).