Figure 8: Immunolabeling of CaV1.2 in the CA1 region of rat hippocampus from a 8 day old rat. In each image DNA in the nuclei are stained with DAPI (blue). (a) L-type calcium channel isoform CaV1.2 appears green (Dylight 488). Antibodies against CaV1.2 demonstrate diffuse staining, with only small areas of punctate binding. SO and P indicate locations of the stratum oriens and pyramidal cell layer, respectively. (b) GABAB receptors appear red (Dylight 549). We believe the brightly labeled structures (arrow) represent autofluorescence from blood vessels as they are also present in the control panel E. (c) The yellow staining indicates colocalization of CaV1.2 and GABAB in the first postnatal week in the hippocampus. (d) Higher magnification image from panel C. (e) Control section (omission of primary antibodies) of the stratum oriens. There was some nonspecific staining of blood vessels (red).