Table 1: Clinical observations, mortality rates, and day of death for male rats following 4-hour exposure to EO.

Exposure group (ppm)Clinical signsMortalityNumber found dead
Observation day
During exposure or same day following exposureDuring five days of postexposure periodNumber dead/total0a123

2182Periocular/perinasal/perioral wetness, gasping, audible respiration, hypoactivityPeriocular/perinasal/perioral encrustation, unkempt fur, decreased respiration rate, hypoactivity4/51b210

2026Periocular/perinasal/perioral wetness, gasping, audible respiration, hypoactivity, absence tail/toe pinch reflexPeriocular/perinasal/perioral encrustation, unkempt fur, gasping, audible respiration, decreased respiration rate, hypoactivity, tremors,4/50310

1850Periocular/perinasal wetness, gasping, audible respiration, hypoactivityPerioral/perinasal encrustation, unkempt fur, audible respiration, decreased respiration rate, hypoactivity0/50000

aDay 0 is exposure day. Days 1, 2, and 3 are days following exposure day.
bNumber of animals found dead on a particular day.