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Kinetic and Reaction Pathway Analysis in the Application of Botulinum Toxin A for Wound Healing

Table 1

Summary of processes involved in wound healing as described in text. Recurrence of symptoms results from long-term observations [55] was analyzed in the present paper and is highlighted in bold.

ParameterRelative ratesRate constant symbolUnitsValue

Onset of initial woundingVery fast π‘˜ 1 msecβˆ’1 or secβˆ’1N.A.a
Development of chronic woundModerate π‘˜ 2 daysβˆ’1 or weeksβˆ’1N.A.
Healing of acute woundSlow π‘˜ 3 weeksβˆ’1 or monthsβˆ’1N.A.
Healing of chronic woundVery slow π‘˜ 4 yearsβˆ’1N.A.
Recurrence of symptoms [55], [Figure 3] Very slow 𝐀 𝐝 𝐞 𝐜 𝐚 𝐲 yearsβˆ’10.85
4-step reaction [19]
Diffusion toxin to receptorsModerate π‘˜ 5 minβˆ’10.001
Binding of toxinFast π‘˜ 𝐡 minβˆ’10.058
Translocation of toxinFast π‘˜ 𝑇 minβˆ’10.141
Toxic reaction (lysis)Fast π‘˜ 𝐿 minβˆ’10.013

a N.A., because data are not presently available, order of magnitude estimates are given.

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