Table 1: MADEP toxicity values for TPH fractions [3].

Hydrocarbon fractionOral (mg/kg/day)Inhalation (mg/m3)

No.1: C5–C80.040.2
No.2: C9–C180.10.2
No.3: C19–C322.0 N V a

No.1: C6–C8 S C b S C b
No.2: C9–C18 0 . 0 3 c 0.05
No.3: C19–C32 0 . 0 3 c N V a

a N V : not volatile. b S C : used single chemical values (fraction includes benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethyl benzene). c M A D E P grouped the entire range of aromatics from C9–C32 into a single fraction for oral noncancer toxicity.