Table 1: Minimum and maximum values, geometric means, and geometric standard deviations (except for 𝑅 𝑠 for which arithmetic mean and arithmetic standard deviation are given) for the total number concentration of general aerosol ( 𝐶 𝑁 g e n (tot)), geometric mean of number size distribution of general aerosol ( 𝑑 G M ), number fractions of particles smaller than 10 nm ( 𝑥 g e n (<10)) and smaller than 20 nm ( 𝑥 g e n (<20)), equilibrium equivalent concentration of radon short-lived decay products ( 𝐶 𝐴 R n D P ), activity fraction of the unattached radon short-lived decay products ( 𝑓 u n ), barometric pressure (P), air temperature (T), air relative humidity ( 𝐻 r e l ), wind speed ( 𝑣 𝑤 ), solar radiation ( 𝑅 𝑠 ), and concentrations of aerosol particles smaller than 10 μm ( 𝐶 P M 1 0 ), SO2 ( 𝐶 S O 2 ), NOx ( 𝐶 N O 𝑥 ), and O3 ( 𝐶 O 3 ) for the entire period of measurements outdoors in May (3 May–6 June) and October (7–11 October, 17–21 October, and 24–26 October).


𝐶 N g e n ( t o t ) /cm−314207565068301.699708593069401.93
𝑑 G M /nm18124531.4215133591.43
𝑥 g e n (<10)0.030.370.023.08
𝑥 g e n (<20)0.030.780.122.470.030.790.092.75
𝐶 A R n D P /Bq m−321862.05
𝑓 u n 0.010.750.092.38
𝐻 r e l / % 2199651.434299821.19
𝑣 w /m s−
𝑅 𝑠 /W m−211085198*266**179378*145**
𝐶 P M 1 0 /μg m−30.0352133.220.03113233.26
𝐶 S O 2 /μg m−
𝐶 N O 𝑥 /μg m−34129241.974209382.14
𝐶 O 3 /μg m−31159422.60192143.22

*Arithmetic mean.
**Arithmetic standard deviation.