Table 1: Parameters for adult Fisher 344 rats and corresponding significance in the PBPK model. (Note: partition coefficients are unitless [8].)

Parameter SignificanceValue Source

Miscellaneous 𝐵 𝑊 Body weight0.25 kg [9]
𝑄 𝐶 𝐶 Cardiac output15 L/hr/ k g 0 . 7 5 [1012]
l o s s Chamber loss rate0.025 (1/hr)[9]
𝑁 Number of rats 3 [9]
𝑉 c h a Chamber volume 9 (L) [9]

Flow rates (L/hr) 𝑄 𝑉 Ventilation/perfusion rate 1.7 [12]
𝑞 1 Rapidly perfused blood flow rate 𝑞 𝑄 𝑉 𝑖 𝑞 𝑖 is the sum of other compartments
𝑞 2 Blood flow fraction to adipose 0.082 [11]
𝑞 3 Blood flow fraction to slowly perfused 0.257 Muscle+bone+skin values from [11]
𝑞 4 Blood flow fraction to kidney 0.138 [11]
𝑞 5 Blood flow fraction to liver 0.242 [11]

Partition coefficient 𝑃 a r t Blood/air41.5 [9]
𝑃 l i v Liver/blood0.7 [9]
𝑃 r a p Rapidly perfused/blood0.7 Assumed to be same as liver
𝑃 k i d Kidney/blood0.7 Assumed to be same as liver
𝑃 s l o w Slowly perfused/blood0.267 Muscle [9]
𝑃 a d i Adipose/blood7.8[9]

Volume (L) 𝑉 s l o w Volume fraction for slowly perfused0.674 [11]
𝑉 l i v Volume fraction for liver0.044[11]
𝑉 k i d n e y Volume fraction for kidney0.0075 [11]
𝑉 a d i Volume fraction for adipose0.112[11]
𝑉 r a p Rapidly perfused 𝑉 0 . 9 1 𝑖 Total vol. — sum of all other
compartments. Blood is 9% of BW